Condolence of Dr. Amy Lynn Barber

Dr. Amy Lynn Barber
Professor Emeritus 
DePauw University School of Music

It was with the greatest sadness that I learned of Ivana’s passing. I was so sorry to read that she had suffered through a long and difficult illness. I’m sure it has been very difficult time for both of you as well.
Her loss is certainly an enormous one for Czech music and cultural life. She was such an important musical voice throughout the country and the world, and she will be missed tremendously, as a composer, as a teacher, and as a friend and colleague of so many.  As a percussionist, I especially appreciated and valued her contributions to percussionists, and her connection with the percussion music of Kabeláč.
It was such an honor and pleasure for me to know her as a composer and as a friend during my years in Prague.  I remember so well recording her piece for bass clarinet and marimba with Josek Horak – Ivana was wonderful in managing that session – and I’ve performed that piece many times since then.  I’ve played other works of hers as well, and I am happy to say my percussion students here in the US have played them as well. I’ve introduced my students and colleagues to the music of many Czech composers, but Ivana’s music has always had a special place.
Please accept my sincere and heart-felt condolences on this very sad occasion. Ivana’s spirit will surely live on in her music and be long-remembered by her students, colleagues, and friends.
With love and respect,