Orchestral Compositions

Concerto for chamber orchestra (1962), AMU 0:16:00
Symphony No. 1 (1964), AMU 0:22:00
Symphony No. 2 for alto solo, choir and large orchestra (1965), AMU 0:29:00
Rhapsody in Black. Ballet music (1966), CHF, r PA 0:15:00
Spleen. Hommage a Charles Baudelaire (1971), r PA 0:10:00
Hymnos for wind and percussion instruments (1972), Peters, Czech Radio Prague 0:10:00
Chorale for orchestra (1973), dedicated to the Year of the Czech Music, CHF, r PA 0:12:00

Concertante Compositions

Concerto for percussions, organ and Wind Orchestra (1974), CHF, Peters, r PA 0:12:00
Magic Concerto for xylophone, marimba, vibraphone and wind orchestra (1976), Peters 0:08
Concerto breve per flauto (ossia, violino) ed orchestra da camera (1979), CHF0:11:00
Dramatic Concerto for solo percussion and Wind Symphony Orchestra (1979), CHF, Peters, r PA 0:14:00
Luminous Voice, concerto for English horn, wind and percussion instruments (1986), Peters, CHF 0:13:00
Double Concerto for Violin, Percussion and Strings (1989), CHF 0:16:00

Compositions for Solo Instruments

Suite for solo flute (1959), CHF, Schirmer 0:06:00
Per tromba, five studies for trumpet, CHF 0:12:00
Solo for King David, for harp (1972), CHF, PA 0:08:00
Agamemnon, suite for percussion instruments (1973) 0:12:00
Aulos for bass-clarinet (1976), Schirmer 0:03:00
Con umore in F per fagotto solo (1978) 0:05:00
Quatro pezzi per clarinetto solo (1982), CHF 0:10:00
Tango Music for piano (1984), Quadrivium Press, N.Y. 0:03:00
Monumento per organo solo (1984), CHF, r PA 0:14:00
Prague Imaginations for piano solo,(1995) 0:10:00
Canto amoroso for violoncello solo,(1996) 0:10:00

Chamber Compositions

Sonata for violin and piano (1960-61), CHF 0:15:00
Sonata for clarinet and piano (1963), CHF 0:15:00
String Quartet No. 1 (1964), CHF 0:14:00
Gnomai, trio for soprano, flute and harp (1970), r PA, CHF 0:15:00
Air a Due Boemi, for bass-clarinet and piano (1972), Schirmer, r PA 0:07:00
Romeo and Juliet. Renaissance suite for flute, violin, viola, violoncello and harp or lute (1974), CHF 0:15:00
String Quartet No. 2 “In Memory of Bedrich Smetana” (1974-76), PA, r PA 0:15:00
Partita in D for flute, harpsichord and strings(1975) 0:15:00
Soli e tutti for flute, oboe, violin, viola, violoncello and harpsichord (1975), CHF 0:12:00
Nocturne for viola and strings (1975), CHF, r PA 0:10:00
Cadenza for violin or flute and harp (1975), CHF 0:07:00
Ballata eroica for violin and piano (1976), CHF 0:10:00
Quintetto guibiloso per ottoni (1977), Czechoslovak Radio, CHF, r PA 0:12:00
Mattinata per clarinetto, trombone, violoncello e piano (1978) 0:05:00
Musica festiva per tre trombe e tre tromboni (1980), CHF, r PA 0:10:00
Duo concertante per clarinetto basso e marimba (1982), CHF 0:10:00
Two Eclogues for flute and harp (1982), CHF 0:07:00
A Posy for Emmanuel for chamber jazz ensemble (oboe, clarinet, piano, double-bass, percussions) – In memory of C. Ph. E. Bach (1981). CHF 0:07:00
Hukvaldy Suite for string quartet (1984) – In memory of Leos Janacek, CHF 0:12:00
The Sleeping Landscape (1985) for 10 brass instruments and percussions 0:05:00
Trio in B Flat for violin, violoncello and piano (1986-87), CHF 0:12:00
Italian Trio for clarinet, basson and piano (1986), CHF 0:15:00
Don Giovanni’s Dream. Fantasy for Wind Octet (1989), CHF 0:10:00
Cassazione per 4 trombe,4 tromboni e tuba,(1991) CD Quatro festival international di ottoni Vicenza 0:02:00
Variations on J.V.Stamic-Theme.String Quartett. (1989),CHF,CD-Editio of The Czech Radio 1996 0:12:00
Canto meditativo for voice + gopi,(1992) 0:07:00
Sentimento del tempo for bass clarinet,piano and percussions,(1993) 0:13:00
Duo meditativo for mezzosoprano and violoncello, (1994) 0:11:00
Tanto Accanto for flute, violin, violoncello and cembalo,(1995),CD-Quartetto con flauto 0:10:00
Funf Lieder on Ch.Morgenstern lyrics for mezzosoprano and flute 0:11:00
Veni etiam (I came again) for 6 windinstruments in space,(6 oboes,ev.2ob.+ 4fl.,ev.6fl),(1996) 0:16:00
Sonata Angelica for trombone and piano,(1996) Editions BIM (Switzerland) 0:10:00
Echoes for horn and percussion,(1997) 0:11:00
Duetti melancolici for 2 oboes ev.2 clar.,2 flutes…,(1997) 0:08:00

Vocal Compositions

Appointment with Love. Three male choruses on words of Italian Renaissance poetry, with the accompaniment of flute and piano (1966), SU, r SU 0:10:00
Stabat mater, male chorus a cappella (1966), Schirmer 0:07:00
Kurosio, dramatic fresco for solo soprano and large mixed choir (1968), CHF, r PA 0:12:00
Ego sapientia, male chorus a cappella on texts of the Book of Proverbs (1969), Schirmer 0:04:00
Sonetto per voci bianche a cappella (1978). Text Nina Siciliana, Edizioni Suvini-Zerboni, Milano 0:03:00
Italian Triptych (Trittico italino) for mixed choir a cappella on Italian Renaissance poetry (1980) 1. Sonetto – 2. Benedetto sia l giorno – 3.Amor 0:12:00
Looking Back for female choir a cappella on words by Josefina Hola (1981), CHF 0:03:00
Fortune. Small cantata for mixed and children’s choirs on the libretto of her own (1983), CHF, r PA 0:12:00
Little Evening Music for oboe and mixed choir (1983), text by Karel Hlavacek, CHF 0:06:00
Occhi lucenti e belli (1984) for female choir a cappella, text by Veronica Gambara, CHF 0:04:00
Love…! – chamber female chorus a cappella on text by Marketa Prochazkova (1985), CHF 0:05:00
Two Voices – mixed chorus a cappella on text by Karel Hlavacek (1986), CHF 0:04:00
Life, stop for a while! – male chorus a cappella on the text by Frantisek Hrubin (1987), CHF 0:06:00
Pozde k ranu, for oboe and mixed chorus on the text by Karel Hlavacek,(1991) 0:05:00
Harmonie du Soir for chamber choir a cap.,(1993) 0:07:00

Choral Compositions for Children

Fly off, my tune (1961) – songs for children with the accompaniment of piano, SU 0:08:00
Riddles (1966) – songs for two voices and piano 0:06:00
Mummy..- cycle of children s choruses for three voices a capp. (1966) 0:09:00
The Little Prince. Children s cantata in seven tableaux for soprano and alto, a recite, children’s choir and accompaniment (1967), CHF 0:27:00
Ten Minutes’ Silence. A play for children s choir with the accompaniment of instruments on text of her own (1974), SU 0:05:00
Little Christmas Cantata for children’s choir, trumpet and harp on texts of Vaclav Fischer (1976), Czechoslovak Radio, Schirmer 0:10:00
Canonic Songs for chidren’s choir on a text of own (1977), CHF 0:04:00
Trefoil. Tree 1-2 voiced children’s choruses with the accompaniment of triangle and tambuourine on a text of her own (1981) 0:04:00
Merry Counterpoints, or 3x in a different way in C Major (1981). Three 2-3 voiced children s choruses a cappella on text of her own, CHF, r SU 0:07:00
Songs on the Rose – four children’s choruses a cappella on anonymous texts from the region of Hradec Kralove (1983), CHF 0:06:00
Ditties for Lucy, for children’s choir and solo violin, text of her own (1984), CHF 0:04:00
Kobold Songs. Three 2-3 voiced children’s choruses on popular minig texts (1987), Czechoslovak Radio 0:04:00
Greeting To the Sun for children’s choir and hidden recorders,(1996) 0:05:00

Instructive Compositions

Variations for a Cat (1982) – violin solo 0:04:00
Fairy-tales and Pebbles – (1984,1961) – 0:08:00
compositions for piano, PA 0:10:00
We play every day (1986) – seven little instructive compositions for 2-3 violins, PA 0:07:00
Music to radio plays, film music and incidental music for theatre stagings (besides others, short films The Solar System, The Universe, the staging of the play Merlin, or Waste Land in the Realistic Theatre, and others)