Ivana Loudová, composer and music educator, born 8. 3. 1941, Chlumec nad Cidlinou

At the age of five her mother started teaching her how to play the piano, and it was after her mother that she inherited a talent for music and absolute musical hearing, at the age of six she started playing the violin, she was also devoted to ballet, she started composing at the age of thirteen.

After graduating from the high school in Nový Bydžov (1958) she was accepted into the third year of the Prague Conservatoire where she studied composition under Miloslav Kabeláč (1958-61), she continued at AMU under Emil Hlobil (1961-66) and continued with postgraduate education once again under Miloslav Kabeláč (1968-72). In an audition (1970) she received a scholarship from the French government for the study of composition at the Conservatoire de Paris under Oliver Messiaen and André Jolivet. At the same time she had an internship in an experimental study Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Centre Bourdan with ORTF under Pierre Shaeffer (1971). After completing her studies (1972) she devoted her time to composing as a freelancer, she cooperated with theatres, radios and the film industry and also occasionally spent her time on theoretical and educating activities.